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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cuba Gooding Jr and the American Taxpayer Rant

We recently wrote about the misgivings we had regarding the newest bailout for the teachers and how it was really going to be used. The American Thinker has the same concerns we do:


States can put off spending the money until as late as 2012. Just in time for the governor's election in Missouri. Is it a coincidence that DESE or anyone in the state has a clue where the money will be spent? Who has control of the money in Missouri? Why, that would be Governor Nixon. Why hasn't he come out with a statement touting how many jobs he is going to reinstate with this windfall?

Do you ask yourself where this money is going? Why would teachers receive pay raises in this environment and a boost to their pensions? Where is this money coming from? Could it be, just possibly, from this fund? Could our government be lying to the taxpayers on how this money is to be spent? Could the administration be buying favor with the NEA? Are your taxdollars padding union coffers?

I suggest you copy this post and send it to your representatives, senators and respective governors. We, the taxpayers, need to adopt Cuba Gooding's role in "Jerry Maguire". Consider Tom Cruise any one of your elected officials:


Tom Cruise asks Gooding, "What can I do for you"?
Gooding responds, "It's a very important, it's a very personal thing...SHOW ME THE MONEY". We want the government to show us how this money is being spent. We want the transparency we were promised!

Keep asking them that question...have your official show you the money trail for this bailout and see how he/she answers. Keep asking that question in Cuba Gooding style. Don't let up. It's YOUR money!!
If he/she can't "show you the money", I would suggest you find a candidate for 2012 to be your "new agent". You can't keep an agent who won't deliver for you. Cuba Gooding knew he had to fire someone who didn't believe in him or wouldn't represent his best interests. Whose interests are your officials representing? The teacher unions operate from YOUR tax dollars.
We have every right to know how our money is being spent...or misspent. Show me the money, indeed.

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