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Friday, October 22, 2010

Why does the ACLU Hate Children?

Once you read this Hot Air piece about the ACLU wanting to take away the rights of Arizona parents to use tax credits for their childrens' education, you will ask why that organization hates children:

On November 3rd, when conservatives across the nation hope to celebrate a massive victory in the midterm elections, parents in Phoenix will instead cast their eyes to the Supreme Court, which will hear arguments that will determine whether Arizona can create a school-choice program where parents can decide on where to educate their children.

The ACLU did not like the fact that the Individual Scholarship Tax Credit many parents used were applied toward schools with a religious affiliation. Hot Air sides with the parents:

...parents should be able to choose the education that best suits their children. The 1st Amendment prohibits the establishment of religion, not prohibiting the use of tax credits to fund a child’s education, especially since there is nothing compulsory about either requesting the tax credit or using it at a religious school of any faith or denomination.

We hope the parents of Arizona are able to choose where their children are educated. If the Supreme Court sides with the ACLU, 27,000 students will be relegated to failing public schools. Why does the ACLU hate children? The ACLU is supposed to protect civil liberties. Whose civil liberties is this organization concerned with? Apparently not the 27,000 students and their families. If education is truly considered a "civil right" as stated by the administration, these students' rights are certainly being compromised by withholding these tax credits to the families for them to decide how to educate their children.

Who is most important in a child's life? The parents or the government? Who has the ultimate responsibility for that child? The parents or the government? Who should be able to decide the appropriate educational placement for a child? The parents or the government?

On reflection, parents shouldn't be "able" to choose. IT SHOULD BE THEIR RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

Learn more about this case at the Institute of Justice.

(ht to a Hot Air reader for the title of this article. Nailed the issue!)

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