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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Humorous Classroom Learning Experience: A Day in the Life of a Sign Language Interpreter.

Here's a humorous clip about the education of a teacher from a sign language interpreter. Sign language interpreters are a wonderful group of people who work diligently for deaf students who require sign language for their primary mode of communication or utilize it for increased understanding. I have found them to be a dedicated group of professionals who must be flexible and "on" at all times in the classroom.

Regarding the flexibility issue of being an interpreter; did you know there is not "one" sign language used in the United States? There is American Sign Language (ASL) which is based on French grammatical structures, Signed Exact English (SEE), based on English grammar structure and Pidgin Signed English (PSE), a combination of ASL and SEE. The interpreter must interpret in the language preference of the student, so you can understand why flexibility is important.

Every country has its own sign language, just as every country has its own unique spoken language. And as in spoken language, different regions of the country have their own "sign slang". In spoken language, I would liken it to the "Coke" vs pop vs soda debate.

Big hugs to interpreter everywhere...especially to those in the St. Louis Special School District. You all are the best!

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