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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MO State Board of Ed Reduces, Recycles & Reuses?

Peter Herschend has been named President of the Missouri State Board of Education, again. He has been on the State Board since 1991 and been President two previous times in 1994-96 and 2005-2007. Mr. Herschend is the founder of Herschend Family Entertainment which owns Silver Dollar City. They also own Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, Talking Rocks Cavern, and Showboat Branson Belle in Missouri. Their entertainment empire extends to Stone Mountain Park (GA), Adventure Aquarium (NJ), Dollywood (TN), Newport Aquarium (KY), and Classic Cable Car Sightseeing (CA), as well as Ride The Ducks operations in MO, KY, PA, GA, CA.

Mr. Herschend is well recognized as a leader and has served on numerous boards: Missouri Attractions Association, the Ozark Marketing Council, and the Missouri Tourism Commission, Board of Directors of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, the Advisory Board for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Board of Directors for Camp Barnabas, among others. He has been a loyal republican supporter of candidates such as Kit Bond, Roy Blunt and Jim Talent.

His talent for business cannot be denied and his twenty year tenure on the board, appointed by both republican and democratic governors, testifies to the fact that he is well thought of and connected. But the fact that the board has caved to the wishes of the governor many times in the past makes us wonder if his reappointment is really news at all.

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