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"There is a growing technology of testing that permits us now to do in nanoseconds things that we shouldn't be doing at all." - Dr. Gerald Bracey author of Rotten Apples in Education

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Quiz. Test Your Knowledge!

Happy 4th of July.

Here's an Independence Day quiz:

The 4th of July is the time when we celebrate our nation-- a time to reflect on the freedoms which we believe are not granted by our government, but are self-evident rights for all humankind. Time for the Independence Day Quiz which asks, "How much do you really know?" Every day thousands leave their homelands to settle here in the land of the free. Before they become citizens they are required to take a citizenship test and score 80%. Could you pass this test if you took it today?

Our quiz is made up of 20 questions which were once used on the actual citizenship test. We've added a few curveballs-- The last ten questions may be a bit harder, but a score of around 24 out of 30 is considered a passing grade.

This quiz can be graded by state and age group. Which state/province scored the highest? Which scored the lowest? The age group results are probably not too surprising...perhaps it is a good indicator civics should be highlighted in schools as students are not solid in their knowledge of American historical/constitutional facts. Good luck! Some of the questions are pretty tough.

As an aside, our church financial officer and his wife became naturalized citizens this past year, and the family was presented in today's church service with a flag previously flown over the US Capitol. They are grateful to be American citizens. What a delightful start to the Fourth of July celebrations!

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  1. For every problem there is a computer-based solution. Secretary of Education with retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor unveil "iCivics" touted to equp "students with the very skills they need to succeed in the 21st century." I would sure like to see it or even a little bit of it somewhere.


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