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Friday, September 16, 2011

An Education for Governor Jay Nixon (and Taxpayers) on Preserving Economic Resources Instead of Mandating Unwanted Health Care Regulations

Here is an update from CryLiberty on yesterday's story about Jay Nixon pondering the signing of an executive order mandating health care exchanges that 72% of Missourians don't want:


The St Louis Tea Party Coalition has a much better offer for Governor than mandated health care…but first, here’s what happened:

Yesterday, it was rumored that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was, pen in hand, about to sign an Executive Order overturning Propisition C, a measure passed last August which would protect Missourians for nationalized health care.

Note top of article by CBS affiliate KMOX:

Partisan blood pressure was on the rise in Jefferson City over a proposal to accept a federal grant to set up healthcare exchanges that would help coordinate President Obama’s healthcare reform in Missouri.

Senators Lembke, Cunningham and Schaaf stormed the Governor’s secret meeting with the Missouri Health Insurance Plan Board and stopped Nixon from accepting a $21 million federal bribe to implement Obamacare (via health insurance exchanges) by Executive Order. (H/T Caroline Mueller)

Note bottom of article by CBS affiliate KMOX:

Last year, 71 percent of Missouri voters approved Proposition C, which sought to protect Missourians from the federal mandate to participate in Obama’s healthcare reform.

And smack-dab in the middle of the article from CBS affiliate KMOX:

Governor Nixon’s office is declining to comment on the flap, referring all questions to the Missouri Department of Insurance.

No comment??? Why in the world not. . .unless, of course it is true.

It’s worth noting that the KMOX article was stacked too, I love how this story seems to minimize the fact that 71.1% of the State’s pupulation voted against Obamacare, yet seeming demonized the brave Senators who stood up for that 71.1%, and the integrity of their vote.

That being said, St Louis Tea Party Coalition Co-Founder Bill Hennessy has a counter-offer for the Governor. “I’ll lease him a system I call “the Internet” for $22 million a year. You just type “health insurance” in the big bar at the top, and you get this list of options. You can find pretty good, high deductible insurance for as little $323/mo for a family of 4, including a childbearing age woman.” Hennessy said in a statement late last night. He continues “This Internet of which I speak is accessible for free in any public library.”

Whether the Governor is willing to take Hennessy up on his offer is doubtful, but should he, the organization would have that much more revenue to continue to promote logical rationale as seen by Hennessy, and 3 brave Senators.

I agree, much better offer for Missourians.


Gee, if the governor is determined to ram an unpopular mandate through by executive order, at least he should use private industry's tool for finding information (the Internet) rather than establishing yet another governmental layer. As in education, we are weary of bribes that tie us even more to the Federal level for money....which, the last time I read, is $14 Trillion in debt.

The Federal Government is not a good business partner or investor! How much clearer can it get? What IS it with these politicians?

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