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"There is a growing technology of testing that permits us now to do in nanoseconds things that we shouldn't be doing at all." - Dr. Gerald Bracey author of Rotten Apples in Education

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Teachers Get Reassigned to the Pep Squad for Common Core

Maybe we should cut the women in today's video some slack. Teachers are required to create all sorts of things as part of their professional development programs that they might not choose to do on their own, so it entirely possible these ladies were coerced into creating this rap about teaching Common Core Standards.  It is hard to tell whether the clear trepidation on their faces is due to having to perform a musical number for the camera or because they are cheering something that, in their own words, will drastically alter and diminish their role as teachers. 


Chorus:  Focus on student engagement
Practices communication
Relevant data, yes  
Common Core Essential Standards change how we teach

No longer can a teacher be the sage on the stage
Common Core Essential Standards change how we teach
Become the guide on the side the students to engage
Common Core Essential Standards change how we teach

The other verses contain these points:

No list of algorithms to memorize
Graphing calculators and real world ties

A variety of problems, problem solving strategies
Complex texts and technologies

Hands on inquiry with questions to promote  
Analysis of data, not answers by rote

Clear and concise, rubrics (whole)* guide   
students will improve the quality of work with pride

* hard to understand in the video

Has it come to this, that our teachers are turned into cheerleaders for federal education policies?  Their creativity is being applied to simplistic forms more typical in nursery rhymes about basic behavioral mores, even though their audience is presumably their peers. 

The message is that teachers should be happy and excited about the new common core standards.  But the message also says that the teacher's new role is to stand on the side of the class and provide data to education administrators. It is no wonder they all look a little uncomfortable.


  1. Isn't this the same type of rah rah drivel in socialistic countries?

  2. Yes, you could see this in North Korea, but the teachers wouldn't dare be laughing in the middle of it there.

  3. This is simply hilarious, is this what we have been reduced to?

  4. Collectivism at it's finest

  5. Funny that they interpret the CCSS as inquiry-based with no standard algorithms to memorize. Yet Andy Isaacs of Everyday Math fame wrote a criticism of CCSS saying it went back to "paper and pencil" type of math that has been abandoned for more than twenty years. Which is it? Depends who you are, I guess. Read the comments on the CCSS from the U.S. Coalition for World Class Math here: http://usworldclassmath.webs.com/U.S.%20Coalition%20for%20World%20Class%20Math%20Comments%20on%20June%202010%20CCSSI%20Math%20Standards.pdf

  6. OMG. It's hard to know what to say to this.
    The poor teachers. How could you ever look in the mirror after that?
    However, this sums up well the establishment's promotion of its carefully destroyed public education system:
    A clueless rah-rah on behalf of vagueness and inadequacy.

    Laurie Rogers

  7. OMG!! How demeaning & insulting to teachers!

    This type of *%^* is promoted by the same cadre of reformers who tell the world that teachers need more respect and professional status. I have far too much respect for teachers to ask them to perform this indoctrination recitation.

  8. So funny that I wrote about the fact that the Common Core group parrots their own stuff constantly - http://restoreoklahomapubliceducation.blogspot.com/2011/12/polly-want-cracker.html - and we see it here too! (SHOCK) Nearly every single sentence in here ("Clear and concise...", ex) can be pulled from the Common Core website! How's THAT for originality?! Gosh, if the kids are supposed to model their teachers, we'll have little government automatons being shoved out public school doors in NO TIME! Oh, wait, maybe that's what they want!!! (LOL)


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