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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More News from the North Carolina School Food Police

Would you send your child to this North Carolina school involved in a food fight between parents and students?

If you support the "Let's Move" program designed by Michelle Obama and the current administration, your sympathies are with this principal.  He's trying to abide by the mandates set by the Federal government.  All children will be served certain food groups from the cafeteria or their lunch from home will be supplemented with certain groups if all food components are not included.

This second story (from the same school) was published last week about another mother confirming her experience was similar to the first tale of the food police superseding parental lunch choice for children.  Included in the story was a screen shot of the memo to parents explaining the food policy:

Laurie Cockrell, a parent posting in a forum about this push back from West Hoke Elementary administration to parental authority, had an interesting perspective about the food police:

Did you read the letter from the principal? My home schooled first graders (who ate green beans and a pbj yesterday - oops, no dairy!) can place commas more accurately than those in the 4th paragraph. These are the people dictating what food groups must be included in a lunchbox? What a mess. 

Cockrell makes a valid and interesting observation.  If this memo is indicative of the actual teaching of academic subjects in this school, these students are in trouble.  It's easy to police food selections coming from home, dictate to parents what they must send to school in lunches, and inform parents the school must meet mandates to receive an "Excellent" rating. The actual teaching of academic material is not as easy and the teachers and administration must possess mastery of the subject to provide competent instruction.

The last sentence of the memo reads "Let's continue to make our program a quality place where all students are healthy while they learn."  I hope the kids, once they get healthy food from the food police (because their parents are not capable of feeding them adequately according to governmental mandates) learn proper grammatical structure and the correct use of commas and semi-colons from the teachers and not the principal.

I wouldn't trust this principal to teach students grammatical structure.  The students would fail the assessments.


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  1. I've always argued that there should be a slot on the ballot for "none of the above". If NOTA wins, the parties must either select better candidates for that office, or eliminate the office entirely.

    criolle johnny


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