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Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Gift Can you Give Birthmothers on Mother's Day? The Sunday Education Weekly Reader 05.13.2012

A sweet baby. 

Happy Mother's Day on this Sunday....and did you know yesterday was Birthmother's Day? 

There are many ways to honor mothers, whether they be mothers who gave birth, are adoptive mothers or even those women who are caring for children in foster or family situations as legal guardians.  Here are two very disparate ways to mark the very special roles women have played in our lives.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand thinks it would be a great idea to donate to Pro-Choice groups to further a political agenda.  From HotAir:

“This Mother’s Day, I can’t think of a better way to honor all the mothers in the country — past and present — than with a contribution to EMILY’s List,” Gillibrand writes. “They’re the ones working tirelessly to elect the pro-choice Democratic women who are making sure that our freedoms are protected for generations to come.”

 “So, this year, join me in commemorating Mother’s Day with a contribution to EMILY’s List to help elect the Democratic women who will continue to secure our rights,” the senator continues. “On Mother’s Day, let’s get women involved and make sure they know who is truly fighting for them – the pro-choice Democratic women EMILY’s List is working each day to elect to office. Make this Mother’s Day extra special. Honor mothers around the country with a contribution to EMILY’s List.”

The fundraising appeal features a photo of the New York senator with her children — even though Emily’s List requires all candidates it supports to back taxpayer funding of abortions on children who could have been born to other mothers. Instead, Emily’s List supports denying millions of women like Gillibrand a Mother’s Day.

 I’d been thinking it might be nice to take mom to an upscale restaurant on Sunday to celebrate, but no, on second thought, spending that money to help thin out the population of the next generation probably is better. Look at it this way: In years to come, the restaurants on Mother’s Day will be that much less crowded. Easier to book.


Here is an alternative Mother's Day celebration to honor the women who dealt with their unwanted pregnancies in a vastly different way.  From Lifetime Adoption Foundation:

Education for a Lifetime: Giving Back to Birthmothers

I often hear from Adoptive Families (and even Extended Adoptive Families) that they would like to do something for birthmothers, but what can possibly equal the gift they gave of a child?

Many birthmothers have benefited from
Lifetime Foundation Education Scholarships. They have far more birthmothers apply every semester than they can possibly fund. All are worthy, all have given the gift of a child, and all are seeking to better their lives through education.

The recipients from last semester represent a broad array of educational pursuits, including medicine, graphic arts, social work, law enforcement, and many more. Visit
www.LifetimeFoundation.org today to learn more about how you can help give a lifetime gift to a birthmother, the gift of education. 

Dear Lifetime Adoption Foundation,
I would like to start out by thanking you for the scholarship you have awarded me and the opportunity that you have given me. Since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of going to college. Now thanks to all of you I have been able to begin living my dream. A college education is not a cheap thing; however to me it is essential that I live out my dreams and graduate college. 

This scholarship has helped me immensely this semester. It helped with my tuition and with my books. I think that if it wasn't for people like you in the world, my dream would have never come true. My parents aren't helping me pay for college at all. I am on my own, which is why I continue to works as much as I can and save every penny that I make, so when I transfer to a major university I have some money to get me started. This scholarship has changed my life for the better. After the adoption, I didn't have much self worth. But after my first semester of college coming to an end, I have regained my confidence and know that I am a very intelligent, determined woman. 

There are no words that could ever explain how grateful I am for the gift you have given me. This scholarship is my savior financially and my support, by knowing that there is people like you that believe in the good that I can do. Thank you so much again. You will never know what you have done for me.



As a woman blessed to be a mother via the adoption process, I'm grateful to the birthmothers of my sons who saw beyond their immediate circumstances and placed their faith in strangers to provide a home for their baby.  As birthmothers, adoptive mothers or guardians, we have accepted the responsibilities of loving and caring for these babies in our own ways.

Happy Mother's Day to all women who understand children are indeed gifts. 

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