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Thursday, November 1, 2012

007 Skyfall, Coca Cola and Cerebral Networks Create Intrigue and Adventure

Men hear the 007 theme and receive a challenge.  See what happens.

An article from the Wall Street Journal recently explained how music impacts the brain and processes emotion.   From Why Men Bond with the 007 Theme:

For millions of baby-boomer males who saw their first car chase and sex scene in a Bond film in the '60s, the theme song stirs powerful psychological coals, flipping a primal switch as images of silencers, casinos, bikinis, gin and gadgets flood the male brain.

"With male identity, there's a biological aspect to how we see ourselves, and for many men, the song releases feelings of invincibility and attractiveness," said Eugene Beresin, professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. "Men link the theme to strength, adulthood and virility. It's like the smell of a childhood baseball glove or a father's aftershave."

But what exactly happens to trigger the flashback? "Music travels to the auditory nerve, where it's evaluated by the cerebral networks that process our emotions—before we even identify what we're hearing," Dr. Beresin said. "In a split second, our brain scans its files for a match. If the music unlocks memories, you are likely to reexperience the same emotions you felt when you first heard it."

WSJ continues:

...why do men find the deep guitar notes and swinging horns so intriguing? "There's a feeling of action and rhythmic rocking that releases a burst of dopamine—telling men they have the world by the tail," said Dr. Brizendine.

And women? "They're reminded," she said, "of an era of handsome, dashing men who they hoped would sweep them off their feet."

Below is a video of Coca Cola's campaign for the launch of Skyfall 007.  As you watch it, think about Dr. Beresin's theory of music unlocking memories and reexperiencing certain emotions.  Is the video an illustration that music is important to learning and actions?   It's fascinating (and fun) to watch how men respond to the 007 theme, how they view themselves and what they do when faced with 007 type challenges.

The men may not end up with a beautiful woman (see what they do snag), but it is interesting to watch what men will attempt for free stuff.  Music is quite powerful, isn't it? 

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