"I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." - Thomas Jefferson 1820

"There is a growing technology of testing that permits us now to do in nanoseconds things that we shouldn't be doing at all." - Dr. Gerald Bracey author of Rotten Apples in Education

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Political Pedophiles Targeting America’s Youth

It should be no surprise why children are so crass to each other.  Harry Reid demonstrates today's version of America civility and discourse.

The article below is written by a guest editor:


Elections have consequences.  Most people would agree that those consequences can be negative or positive.  Most people assume that the consequences involve taxes, social issues, or national security.  Many people are not aware of the negative consequences affecting our Nation’s youth.  During the last two election cycles, both parties have expressed the importance of “targeting” the youth vote. I’ve recently learned firsthand that it comes with a cost. 

            The day after the election was a rough one for me as I had to come to grips with the fact that my Presidential choice didn’t win.  I had spent a long four years attempting to raise awareness of the future consequences of electing a president who wanted to fundamentally transform America into something that in my opinion, was far from the America I had grown up in and loved.  Like 49% of America, I woke up on November 7, 2012 and contemplated where I would go from here. 

 My sixteen year old daughter came home from school and was quite visibly upset.  She sat down at the kitchen table and proceeded to tell me what had happened at school earlier in the day with regards to reactions to the outcome of the election.  During election night she was on Twitter as was I watching for reaction and results.  At one point, she tweeted “Go Romney!”  Within minutes, she was bombarded with the most vile and hate filled Tweets, most of which came from kids her own age in different parts of the country.  As a mom, I tried to tell her to just let it go and unfollow those which are really vulgar and offensive.  At one point, her own local friends started to tweet degrading and nasty tweets simply because she didn’t have the same pick as theirs.  Having been on Twitter during election night myself, I also saw firsthand how people were treating each other.  I was shocked at how nasty, degrading and abusive the “youth” had become.  She was attacked and told by one of her friends that she was a “gay- hater!”  She was called a racist as well as other things that I cannot write in a blog.  During the day at school she said kids were being so hateful and rude to each other and that the bus ride was almost unbearable.  They were pitted against each other and at one point she thought the outburst might erupt into violence.

            Later that evening she was Skyping a friend of hers who lives in Florida.  They were talking about the election and soon discovered that they had made different choices.  Her friend is a fifteen year old girl who comes from a pretty conservative family.  She stated that during the school day, someone had asked her if she was happy with the outcome of the election.  When she told then that she was, the other kids really started giving her a hard time.   I found it interesting that the hatred did not simply come from one side of the political spectrum, but it was just as bad for both.  She told me that she became really upset with what she was hearing in the halls and at her locker.  Students were using racial slurs when talking about and referring to President Obama.  There were calling him a n****r who wanted to take away guns.  The worst part was the fact that all of this was taking place within earshot of teachers and no one would intervene!  She told me that later in the day; some white students were talking about some African American students and saying they should go back to being slaves.  After confiding in a teacher about what was happening, she decided to go tell an administrator.  Simply put, she was told that there were a lot of “rednecks” in the community and there wasn’t anything the school could do.  

I’ve been an educator for seventeen years and have never seen anything as bad as this!  What have we as a Nation become?  The past four years have done nothing to strengthen us as communities and Americans.  In fact, people are more racially divided that ever before.  Since when is it ok to completely eviscerate a person, especially a fifteen or sixteen year old girl or boy (yes, they are still children), simply because you don’t agree with him/her?  As Americans, how have we allowed and condoned this type of behavior from our children?  Does getting out the youth vote mean to completely radicalize our children and turn them into uncivilized humans that are so intolerant of anyone who dares to disagree with them?  Has the far left succeeded in creating a new generation of voters that will faithfully follow their lead by inciting violence and tearing down anyone who dares to disagree?  If Alinsky (or Harry Reid) type behavior and tactics from the left have become normalized in every day interactions, why are we surprised to witness the same type of behavior from those students from the right? Where are the adults?  Why is this behavior accepted? 

While watching post-election coverage, almost everyone mentioned the fact that the left has strategically “targeted” the youth for the past 5 or 6 years and in doing so has secured a group of faithful and loyal supporters.    Excuse me!  Those are our children! I have been fighting the government overreach into our states, schools, and lives for a while now.  I am convinced that this type of “targeting” does nothing but breed hatred, racism, and cultural intolerance.  I refuse to allow my children and the children of America to be used as pawns in this supposedly new bipartisan and transparent America! If this is what four years under the current president has done for the youth of our Country, I shudder to think of what the next four years will do.  I have never in my lifetime seen people so racially divided and bitter.  The part that is most shocking to me is what is happening to our kids as a result of this.  Are we as parents not having crucial conversations with our kids about politics, elections, and civic responsibility?  Have our kids become tolerant of so much, that they think nothing of using racial slurs and attacks for simple viewpoints? 
As Americans, it is time to start having those crucial and sometimes uncomfortable conversations with our kids about what our own values and beliefs are and how we as a Nation need to conduct ourselves.  I refuse to believe that this is it. All is not lost, but it is up to us as parents, Americans, and teachers to stop this “targeting” of our youth.  We would never send our kids into the world without talking to them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and the consequences of use.  Why on earth would we send them out into the world without having conversations about civic responsibilities and how to conduct themselves in a respectable manner no matter with whom they agree or disagree?  As Americans, we can do better.  We have to.  Our integrity as a Nation is at stake.  We may not be able to monitor every move our child makes.  We may not be able to guide them 24/7.    We can, however, make sure we arm them with the tools they will need in the future to begin to resist the propaganda being perpetuated in our schools, on TV, and in the mainstream media.  Will you stand with me to reclaim our children from the grips of those who wish to simply use them as pawns in an attempt to fundamentally transform us into something unrecognizable to the rest of the world?  If not us, who?  If not now, when?  The future of The United States of America is at stake. Don’t let it slip away on our watch!


  1. "I am convinced that this type of “targeting” does nothing but breed hatred, racism, and cultural intolerance. "

    Yep. Teaching has had two goals in America, the first was to enable students to become self aware, reasoning, self governing persons, pursuing the Good life through virtuous thought & action. The second has been to create skillful calculators and human capital useful for societies needs and aims.

    The first, tends to result in people who are interested in doing what is right, and being respectful and considerate of others - their sense of power and success follows from how able they were to be, and do, what was right to do.

    The second tends to result in people who are focused on either working with, or rebelling against, what is required of them by society. Their attitude towards other people depends upon which group the others belong to, and the 'wrong' group is the opposition. Their sense of power and success follows from how much power and success they manage to use their skills to acquire.

    Those who target youth to promote one thing or another, are not the instigators (except in terms of the vicious circle picking up speed), but the results of one of these educational ideals.

    If anyone is unsure which has had American in its grips (the classroom) for over a century... see if you can guess which one this professor is professing to his students.

    P.S. I wish you'd put the word 'privatization' in scare quotes as well. Although these systems are being promoted as such, any system which combines 'private' money aimed at 'profit', with public funds aligned with the furtherance of government rules, regulations and power, is not concerned with Privatization, but with spreading the wealth around, by other means.

    Similarly with their supposed pursuit of 'profit'. A robber does not pursue profit, but loot.

  2. So given these outbursts come from the youth who have thus far been denied the opportunity to compete (they don't keep score at sports games until almost high school in some areas), perhaps we have created kids who have no idea how to handle winning or losing.Hmm. Maybe competition at a younger age is not self esteem crushing but rather character building.

  3. Stlgretchen.. I am sorry to say it, but this transformation of our children happened long before this year.. when I was a child it started (I am 53 right now).. sociologists, and Psychologists were continually telling parent to let children "express themselves", to not crush their "personal individuality". that corporeal punishment was. "a sign of incompetent parenting". As more and more people turned to this new form of "parenting", we were told that children had to have space to "spread their wings".. at this point the schools started ti fill up with teachers that taught kids to "stand up for themselves", and to not let anyone, "tell them how they should live." I don't say these things as an indictment of all teachers, Psychologists, or Sociologists, but as an indictment of a system that has effectively cowed parents into having little to nothing to do with the way their children are raised.. As a good example of what I am stating, look at the vitriol that is made against home Schooling, the current system sees this as a loss of control... Remember that so true saying, control the Children, and you Control the Future ...

  4. Where can you start. I hate to admit it but I ducked out of any responsibilities in this arena. My first infraction, as a (wimpy) conservative, was to banish all political information from my car. I teach at an urban university and the few incidents of "keyed" or "tagged" cars with Romney or Akin stickers convinced me that I should avoid the nuisance. There were also incidents of my students (college "men" and "women") being pretty crass as they "discussed" the issues in the election. Frankly, I don't have much hope about impacting such behavior anytime soon. In full view of young people, it seems like anything goes if you are a celebrity or politician (unless you are a conservative): manslaughter, rape, philandering (even "fooling around on" the Secretary of State) and you get to be a bigger celebrity or an elder statesman. I taught high school in the "Lewinsky" era (urban high school) and that made for some insane school events. The progressive movement seems to have gotten all they wanted.

  5. I am so sorry your daughter experienced such disrespect. I do hope she was able to model standing your ground for your beliefs in a mature way.
    I'd keep her away from this site with the photo shopped picture of Harry Reid. It is a very disrespectful image of a political leader whom this site apparently disagrees with. Not a very good way to teach tolerance, which your daughter is trying to understand.

  6. Becky, the photo of Mr. Reid is not photoshopped and was published many places including the Daily Kos, where I'm surprised you did not see it yourself. Mr Reid is simply an example of a political leader who has made a career of saying nasty, false and, lately, illogical things about other people. His unfortunate habit of using his middle finger to make his points may only subconscious, but certainly serves as an example to others of how to behave.

  7. Agree with post, and i seen this also in adults, so as adults do, so do the kids. some parents are irresponsible with regard to their role modeling. The media and their endless pursuit of making " their man " appear perfect, and their nastiness they show towards opposition, and covering up the scandals involving the current adminstration, Yes the future depends on us being responsible adults, and agreeing to disagree, but the current power base has made it clear with statements, and behavior, that opposition will not be treated kindly, and has even gone so far to say " vote for vengence" POTUS Obama, and " we will know who you are, and make you pay." valerie garrett. So if this is a small example, this is what they are seeing, and apparently this is what America 0r 50% of America agrees with. very sad!

  8. @ Anngie, You probably will not get back on here but I'll post in case. I googled Daily Kos, as I didn't know it and am still confused why you referenced it. I googled Reid giving the finger and came up with quirky blogs of people doing such acts. However, not any news accounts of an action that would have warranted a report. All leads me to believe it is photoshopped.

    I don't mean to sound like I'm hitting you with a bible, but I was thinking of 1 Peter 3:8-10 which teaches not repaying insult with insult. That is the message I was referencing to the above parent. Her daughter would have more credence in her political conviction when not stooping to the low level her peers were at (or the Reid photo).

  9. Becky,

    Here's the link from Daily Kos:

    Daily Kos: Harry Reid, Democrat of the Weekwww.dailykos.com - 500 × 364

    and this one:

    Daily Kos: Oil and Obama's New Asian Cold Warwww.dailykos.com - 500 × 422

    google "daily kos and harry reid photos" and then click on images. PRESTO!

    You've missed the whole point of the story. The progressive left is proud of this behavior. It's not shocking to them.


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