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"There is a growing technology of testing that permits us now to do in nanoseconds things that we shouldn't be doing at all." - Dr. Gerald Bracey author of Rotten Apples in Education

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Common Core and the (Re)Distribution of Wealth?

This elementary Scholastic math worksheet is making the rounds on the internet:

Is this an example of cross-curricular content present in Common Core Standards?  Check out this site, Learning Resources, touting the wonders of CCSS:
As the Standards for Mathematical Practice appear on the stage, we can almost hear the cheers from the audience. Now the math curriculum rocks! It has been transitioned from a mass of unrelated skills to a nexus of true, deep understanding across the curriculum. With a thorough grasp of math “processes and proficiencies”, students will know the answer to the question, “When will I use this?” Instruction in mathematics no longer prepares students for just a math test; it prepares them for learning up and down the curriculum, for college, for career…and for life!

Thanks to Scholastic's adherence to cross-curricular math lessons,  your elementary school student will learn redistribution of wealth in a math problem.  Forget about learning to work for wages in a job to support themselves, now your 5th grade student will learn the concept of learning "distributing the wealth" through a math problem so they can learn "how to use it" in the future.

They will use it as they see their paychecks shrink to ensure equitable redistribution of wealth in this country which will certainly equip them with a deep and abiding work ethic to take care of themselves and their families.

Isn't Common Core great?


  1. The creators of CCSS keep saying they won't tell teachers HOW to teach the standards. Therefore, if this crap comes home from school, we parents should go into school and demand that they use a different method to teach math properties. If your administration tries to tell you this is the standard they have to teach, show them David Coleman's promise that teachers would have autonomy to teach the standards any way they choose. Have patience. You may have to speak slowly so your principal can understand that you, armed with facts, are correct.

  2. That arithmetic is called thd "distributive propert" for crying out loud. U do realize that our numeral system is also called thd Arabic numeral system, right? Oh no! Sharia law!

  3. Anonymous:

    Who mentioned Sharia Law? It's the cross-curricular issue. Should 5th graders be learning about the distribution of wealth? Could it have been explained as distribution of wages from a job? Horrors! Capitalism at work!

    "Distribution of wealth" has been tagged as a left progressive idea. Capitalism is seen as a far right idea. I wonder if you would protest if the distributive property was entitled "Distribution of Personal Earnings". Oh no! We can't have people taking what they earn!

  4. Yes, because 5th graders can really relate to giving away their money! NOT...it is totally intentional


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