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Friday, February 8, 2013

CSCOPE Announces Changes. Can This Happen In Common Core?

CSCOPE and Common Core have many similarities.

 From Donna Garner:

Message to the entire United States: It was grassroots citizens in Texas who got involved and uncovered CSCOPE.  We can make a difference when we do our “homework” and then contact our elected officials.  Our successful efforts in Texas to bring about change in CSCOPE can be replicated throughout this country to uncover the Common Core Standards.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                CONTACT: Logan Spence (512) 463-0107
February 8, 2013       
AUSTIN- Senator Dan Patrick, in coordination with the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC), announces significant changes to the CSCOPE curriculum management system. 
The TESCCC has worked with Senator Patrick, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, and the State Board of Education (SBOE), to address concerns raised at a recent committee hearing on the CSCOPE system.  The two parties have agreed to several immediate as well as forthcoming changes.
The changes that take effect immediately include:
All future meetings of the TESCCC Governing Board, beginning with the February meeting, will be public with all the respective notice requirements being met.
The TESCCC will begin a joint review process of all CSCOPE lessons with the SBOE beginning with Social Studies.
Amendment of all Terms of Use Agreements, signed by both teachers and districts, removing civil or criminal penalties associated with the release of CSCOPE content.
Clarifying that all teachers and districts may post any and all CSCOPE lessons that they deem necessary.
In addition to these immediate transparency and quality control changes, CSCOPE will also undergo structural, governance, and other changes, including:
Ending the non-profit 501(c)3 arrangement that incorporates CSCOPE.
Initiating the posting of CSCOPE lesson content to their public website.
Creating a standing curriculum review panel, comprised of:  parents, teachers, school administrators, members of the SBOE, and TESCCC board members.
Finally, CSCOPE is notifying all participating school districts that lessons are not intended to be taught verbatim, and the Governing Board generally recommends that local districts utilize CSCOPE lessons solely as a resource. 
Until CSCOPE lessons can be reviewed through a collaborative process with the SBOE and TESCCC, districts are strongly encouraged to review all lessons at the local level, to ensure that lessons are appropriate for their students.
State Board of Education chair Barbara Cargill is encouraged by the changes, saying, "I appreciate CSCOPE's willingness to address concerns brought to light recently. The State Board of Education looks forward to working with them to resolve these issues, so CSCOPE can remain a useful tool for participating school districts.”
Anne Poplin, chair of the TESCCC Governing Board agreed, stating, "We have heard the concerns raised and are working hard to maintain the public's trust in CSCOPE.  We appreciate Chair Cargill and Senator Patrick's desire to assist us in ensuring that CSCOPE remains a valuable district resource in the future."
Senator Dan Patrick agreed, "I'm glad the CSCOPE Board realizes that immediate and long term changes must be made to address the serious issues raised by our committee, parents, and teachers. Our committee will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure they follow through with their commitments. We will also be looking at legislation to ensure these changes cannot be reversed in the future and that the SBOE continues in their role of oversight of CSCOPE content. The future of the program will depend on CSCOPE keeping the
commitments they have made and gaining the trust of the legislature, teachers, and parents.

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  1. Heads up from a Texas teacher:

    CScope and Common Core are not the same thing. Common Core is analagous to our TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). Common Core and TEKS are *standards*. CScope, on the other hand, is curriculum.


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