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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Lone Reporter Attending the Common Core Chesterfield Presentation Gets the Scoop: People Want Answers to Common Core Implementation/Ramifications

Thursday night over 200 people attended a panel discussion in Chesterfield, Missouri about the concerns of Common Core: how it was implemented and the ramifications.  We will have video up within the next few days but in the meantime, you can read the coverage from the only reporter covering the event.  

Many news organizations were invited, but Carol Enright of West Newsmagazine was the lone press person in the crowd.  Make your comments on the newsmagazinenetwork.com and show your appreciation for her attendance and reporting on this important issue.   

From Common Core opposition panel packs Chesterfield City Hall:

An overflow crowd packed Chesterfield City Hall on April 25 for a panel discussion of the Common Core State Standards. And the message from the panelists was clear: “Common Core is coming. It was approved without your knowledge or your input. And the only way you can stop it is by continuing to pack rooms like this and asking questions of the powers that be.”

Those powers are an education lobby supported by big business, according to the panel that included two state senators who introduced legislation to stop Missouri from implementing the standards: Dr. Sandra Stotsky, education researcher and former member of the Common Core State Standards validation committee, and Gretchen Logue, founder of MissouriEducationWatchdog.com. Rockwood parent Anne Gassel was also on the panel.
....Proponents claim that the standards will introduce a higher level of rigor to American classrooms, but Stotsky said, “they’re not rigorous at all, which is why the word ‘rigorous’ is used over and over and over again.”
She warned about the high costs of implementing the standards, particularly the professional development and technology upgrades needed to support the associated online tests. And she criticized the state for not informing local school boards, teachers and parents about Common Core, asking why it had to be a big secret if it was going to be so transformative.

Read more here.

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