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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Video of Delphi DESE Common Core Springfield Meeting

Announcement:  DESE has indicated it will take questions electronically if you could not make one of the meetings DESE held around the state. Email your question(s) to:

Susan Potter  Communication Coordinator
 We will be publishing reports on the various DESE meetings on this blog the next several days.

The following videos were sent in from Springfield by Sharlee Lawless.  The citizens did not like being Delphied and not having their questions answered directly. 

 Before the Delphi meeting
On tables are Missouri Coalition Against Common Core brochures provided by a citizen

Part 1
Superintendent is excited about engagement.
DESE supervisor excited about the conversation.

Part 2
Instructions on how to do the Delphi
Another teacher video that had already been posted on the DESE website. Note that comments on DESE videos are disabled.
Peter Herschend (State School Board president) on the video was present at this meeting. He refused to answer questions.

 Part 3
 "The NGA and CCSSO determined the time was right" (Those are private organizations)
Fewer, clearer, higher, rigorous...research and evidenced based (NOT)
"Curriculum is flexible and creative"(Has to be aligned to CCSS standards)
"States can make changes to the standards" (Not according to the MOUs)

Part 4
DESE official reading from a script of questionable claims
"The Federal Government played no role in the Common Core State Standards"
"There is no data collection required from CCSS"
--People begin getting agitated--

Part 5
Citizens furious when they realize questions will not be answered

Part 6
DESE official says about answering questions: "I'm not qualified to answer"
DESE officials don't know state or local cost of CCSS
Citizen points out education started failing when USDOEd established
Assessments given every 3 weeks?
Where is the money coming from to pay for CCSS?

Part 7
Questions in the groups gathered

Part 8
Questions from the groups
No answers given

Last questions of the night

Sign this petition to rid Missouri of Common Core State Standards.

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  1. I feel badly for the representatives DESE sent out to conduct the Common Core meetings last Thurs. My experience, concerning alot of different issues in education, has been that people in these positions are inundated with "controlled messaging" - which began back in 2009-2010 with CommonCore. They have been working to "implement" and may not have investigated (the unconstitutional) CCSS "Initiative" on their own. They were sacrificed by DESE (imho) in order to gather public opinion info on CommonCore. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them are absolutely furious when they begin to independently research some of the questions posed that night.


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