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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watching the DESE Countdown Clock. Citizens Still Waiting for Answers to Questions from the May 2 Hearings.

Time elapsed since DESE Common Core May 2 meetings:

We've installed a DESE clock to determine how long citizens have to wait for the answers to questions DESE promised to answer from its May 2 Common Core standards statewide meetings.  Citizens were told questions/answers would be listed within a week on the DESE website.  In fact, the commissioner referred legislators many times to use the DESE website for their various questions in the House Education Committee hearing on May 13, rather than answer their questions at the hearing.  But what happens when the answers to your questions aren't listed because DESE refuses to even entertain the question?

Here's what you find when you link to DESE's site looking for answers to questions from the Common Core statewide meetings:

Common Core Statewide Meetings
On May 2, 2013, meetings were held across the state to answer questions related to the State Board of Education’s decision in 2010 to adopt new standards in English language arts and mathematics, more commonly known as the Common Core State Standards.

When is Coming soon?  It's been more than a week.  The Commissioner did not welcome a citizen's question after the SB210 hearing in the House Education Committee, so taxpayers still don't have answers to their various questions and concerns. 

When DESE publishes the questions and answers from the May 2 meeting, we can stop the clock.

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  1. Better yet, will those questions be any of real substance that were asked the night at the "informational" meetings ever be addressed by DESE. I dare think not. It shall be interesting how they spin those questions as we know what went on, and the educated electorate that was there asking to be heard and asking meaningful questions. The spin should be interesting. Can't wait.


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