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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alabama Home Schooled and Private Schooled Students Don't Want to Live in This Village of Government Regulations

The State Board tried to seal the fate of home and private school students to be under public regulations. 

We had a major alert for Alabama home schooled and private schooled students a few days ago.  The state commissioner of education decided to create new departments and regulations for those students outside the public education system.  These regulations included having to use state certified teachers, the same state curriculum (which is now aligned to Common Core standards)  and register with the state.  Failure to register  do so would prohibit students from attending a 2 or 4 year university.

We have an update reporting the halting of this proposed educational direction in Alabama.  It would have taken the rights of citizens/private institutions to educate students as they see fit.  Thanks to our readers who supplied these comments and alerted us to recent developments:

ALSDE has issued a response here. 36review has a link to the letter in its post "ALSDE Update: Changes on Hold"


Basically, they've put the new regs on "hold" but have "concluded that not only do the regulations need revision, there is also a need for a thorough review of the current statute governing this matter."

In other words, Superintendent Bice will try to find another way to stick it to private schools.


Home School parents came out in force in Alabama this past week and have won a temporary victory over “state-led” regulations and licensing. Governor Bentley put his foot down and “he and the superintendent of education, Dr. Tommy Bice” came to terms.

This power grab by Dr. Bice should be a warning to Home Schoolers in other states. The same may happen to them. There is documentation that this is not just “state-led” but the USDOE salivating to get hold of Home School / Private School period.


To learn more go to

Sharon Sewell
Alabamians United for Excellence in Education

The commenters understand this is a temporary victory.  We all must watch what our state boards of education are trying to implement and the ramifications on our liberty to educate our children.  We have seen this power grab tried in Florida and Missouri.  Let us know if your legislature/Board of Education is trying to take control of private educational development/delivery.

Follow the36review.com for up to date information and kudos to the home schooling groups for mobilizing and understanding their freedom to educate children was in serious jeopardy in Alabama.  As Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a village".

It certainly takes a village of like-minded people and groups to make sure their liberties and freedoms as parents are not gobbled up by the State, whether it be on the local or federal level.  I wonder if she knew about the villages that don't want the government living in their midst.   Whether or not you agreed with Bob Dole's politics, he had a valid point in response to Clinton's statement:

The theme of the book, at least as perceived from its title, aroused immediate opposition within the United States. The most famous instance of this occurred during the 1996 presidential election: during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, nominee Bob Dole said: "... with all due respect, I am here to tell you, it does not take a village to raise a child. It takes a family to raise a child."[4]

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