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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

KMOV Wants to Know if Your School "Makes the Grade"

Watch Channel 4, KMOV in St. Louis this week for its reporting on wasteful school spending. If you are out of the area or miss the broadcast, check the website.

Here is the first installment:


KMOV is using data comparing superintendent's salaries and perks compiled by Audrey Spaulding of ShowMe Institute:


Compare not only the superintendents' salaries from around the states, also read the full policy study or summary as well. Spaulding concludes there should be a more open discussion about superintendent compensation, how it is determined, and whether district residents are receiving sufficient benefits for the costs.

The reporter asks the Kirkwood School Board president why its superintendent "makes so much money for a district like this". Tune in this week for the answer. All Missouri taxpayers should ask how dollars are being spent, how the spending was calculated, and if the spending is justified. We then deserve an honest answer from our school boards. It's OUR money.

This is the type of transparency taxpayers deserve.

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