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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Watchdog Citizens at Work in the Kirkwood School District

This is a shining example of citizens taking matters into their own hands. Many Americans are concerned about rising taxes. They create financial burdens on a household budget and decisions have to be made how to pare that budget. Americans are facing tax increases on the local, state, and federal levels. Many people believe politicians are not listening to those concerns. Questions regarding how our taxes are being used and why rates are rising are not being answered. One huge frustration from citizens is continuing and escalating governmental spending in a time of diminishing funding.

The Kirkwood School District is floating two bond proposals in the midst of a terrible recession. The district contends these bonds will not create new taxes; however, it is a reasonable assumption to believe taxes will ultimately rise to pay for the new staff and maintenance required. This would necessitate a rise in the operating levy next year, as associated operating costs are not addressed in bond issues.

The district deficit spending in 2008-09 was over $4,000,000 and this is expected to increase over the next few years. The current deficit spending amount for this current school year is projected to reach $6.5 Million.
The district does not seem interested in seriously cutting the budget or determining "wants" vs "needs". Instead, it has proposed huge expansions and an aquatic center in these lean economic times. Citizens in the district have been concerned for many years about the spending habits of this school board. A PAC has been established to disseminate information to KSD citizens about the economic status of the school board and the spending:

Thank you to "Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility" for explaining these issues. Thank you to the group for publishing facts about the financial health of the district so citizens can make informed decisions.

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