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"There is a growing technology of testing that permits us now to do in nanoseconds things that we shouldn't be doing at all." - Dr. Gerald Bracey author of Rotten Apples in Education

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your Most Valuable Asset? It's Not Gold.

Hilary Rosen's comment about Ann Romney never holding a job, completely discounting the years she has invested in raising her children, may have actually shed some light on the left's tactic. Though Ms. Rosen's comments caused them some temporary backlash, they were in fact consistent with the left's official message about children. They are a mere inconvenience to a woman's primary purpose, holding a paying job. This is a message they are proud to convey. But, as with so many messages from the left, it is a cover for a message they do not want to state publicly. We should be looking more closely at that message.

The left is all about choice, but it is carefully orchestrated choice. Cass Sunstein, Obama's regulatory czar,  believes we are all too stupid to make good choices, so it is up to the government to limit our choices to help us make the right ones. So if they offer you a choice, you should be looking for the choices they haven't offered you (e.g. charter school - different building, same defective curriculum; medicaid or insurance exchange, but not your existing policy). If they offer you your choice of jobs while making day care or preschool available for free, are they not offering you the option to stay home with your children?

In Sweden, they're not.
Sweden used to be synonymous with freedom and safety. The nation was a haven for political refugees from around the world.

But today, Sweden is creating new political refugees: the home-schooler.
One of the escape routes for home-schoolers from Sweden is by ship, two hours across the Baltic sea to the Ă…land Islands. It's a part of Finland where the locals speak Swedish and where parents can home school in freedom.
Sweden's home-school movement has been crushed by a state apparatus that wants children as young as one year old in daycare, and all children in a classroom with a state-approved curriculum.
"One mother told me when she went with her 18 month son to his medical checkup, and he was not in daycare. They said, 'Oh, your son is not in daycare? But he has to go to daycare. He needs that and you need to work,'" Himmselstrand told CBN News.     [emphasis added]  http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews
Sweden also has compulsory daycare.  Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) translates from this link (which is in Swedish) the following argument for compulsory three-year-old daycare:
“We cannot allow parents to deny their children the right to go to pre-school.” Look how a woman's choice to work, became her child's right to daycare.

Ready to dismiss that as just Europe's problem? The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released their employment projections for the next decade.  Guess which categories had the highest projected growth?  Number 1 was obviously health care with a 29% increase in jobs projected. Number 2 was Personal Care and Service which is projected to add 1.3 million jobs.  This was defined as:
"...cosmetic and health spas will rise, causing an increase in demand for workers in this group. The personal care and service group contains a wide variety of occupations; however, two of them—personal care aides and childcare workers—will account for nearly two-thirds of the group’s new jobs. Personal and home care aides will experience increased demand as a growing number of elderly people require assistance with daily tasks. Childcare workers will add jobs as the population of children continues to grow and emphasis is increasingly placed on the importance of early childhood education, resulting in more formal preschool programs. These programs will increase demand for both childcare workers and preschool teachers."
In this year's state of the state speeches, the National Women's Law Center found 22 governors mentioning early child care and education, up from 17 last year.  From John Hickenlooper (D), Colorado they heard,
“Currently, there are 23 separate funding streams administered through five different state agencies, each playing a role in early childhood support and services. Together, we are proposing a state-local strategy that integrates prevention and intervention, quality early learning and family support and engagement. Our plan will consolidate early childhood services in a new office in the Department of Human Services.”

That's an awful lot of work and cost for the state to take on just to make women happy, to fulfill their desire to hold a paying job.  Is there any other example of the state being so benevolent or thoughtful? The state is always in the business of perpetuating itself which means they WANT to be taking care of kids. They WANT you to turn them over at an early age, and it is time people start asking, "Why?"

Many women will complain that they had no choice but to go back to work. They could not afford to live on just one salary. But what must be recognized is that this choice, too, has been orchestrated and is not a real choice.  For every two women who hold this position, there is one woman who has found a way to stay at home with her children on one salary.  She made choices about the things her family really needed and decided that a lot of the products pushed by our consumer economy were not necessary.  Is it too hard to believe, if you are the government looking to boost your own revenues and further grow your economy, this woman's choices do not work in your favor? Having her work, pay taxes and use the extra income to buy things is what the government/state really needs.

The reality is, your children are the most valuable thing on the planet. What they are taught can be the most powerful weapon. Those who choose to stay home and raise and/or educate their children are taking an incredibly valuable asset away from the state and the state doesn't like that.  You may not teach them the value of the state, as the state sees it. You may not teach from the state propaganda. The state will not be able to count on those citizens to continue to support its existence, so they must demean the practice in an attempt to embarrass women out of making that choice.  Rest assured, however, if they can't shame you into going to work (for them), they will ultimately require you to turn your child over to them and do so. It's a win-win for them.

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  1. I have suspected this for quite some time.
    We were nudged into this lifestyle change, and younger adults seem to think this is just the way it is. It is so programmed into their heads!
    When I discovered I was pregnant, right after getting a decent job, I decided not to return, because, after having my first and only child, there was NO WAY I was going to have her raised by someone else, especially since marriage was about to make it possible to stay at home(crazy marriage. Who would have thought?).
    And homeschooling is just as much a target.
    The public "school" was shocked that my child had never been to daycare or preschool.
    That wss just not normal!
    Why public school?
    She wanted to meet other kids...lots of kids...social was the word :), and still is.


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