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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UN Trying to Take Away Parental Authority of Parents of Disabled Kids - Maybe Even Denying the Right To Homeschool

The US Senate is being pressured to take action this month on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In addition to making the government (in this case the UN), not the parent, the final decision maker on the rights for persons with disabilities, the UNCRPD removes any final impediments to a government prohibition on homeschooling, as is the case in Germany and Sweden. Senator Roy Blunt has, in the past, been willing to support this Convention. He needs to hear from parents about why he should change his position and oppose ratification of the Convention.

The following information is from Jill Johnson, MO Coordinator of ParentalRights.org.

Parental Rights Supporters,

After meeting with Senator Roy Blunt this past week, we learned that he is likely (or at least more willing) to change his mind if he gets a LOT of phone calls.  So, since the UNCRPD (United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) is the biggest threat right now to parental rights, we need to start calling and telling him to oppose it.  Right now he does NOT oppose it.  His number in DC is 202-224-5721.  If you would like to contact the local office closest to you, the numbers are above.  Below are some talking points (pick a different one each time you call) that are based on a piece that Michael Farris wrote.

► I would suggest starting with the point about abortion.  The staff member we spoke to was shocked that this treaty opens the door to federally funded abortions and Planned Parenthood-style education.  She stated that the senator is pro-life and would never support any legislation that would fund abortions.
 ►The Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the U.S. Constitution ensures that ratified treaties are equal in status to federal law and the U.S. Constitution and supersede state laws and constitutions.
 ►The UNCRPD never defines what is meant by “disability.”  Without defining this, it cannot be known how broadly the treaty will apply.
 ►Article 7, Section 2 of the treaty states:  “In all actions concerning children with disabilities, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.”  (Emphasis added.)  This language is also found in the UNCRC, which you already oppose, and underscores the necessity of a Parental Rights Amendment, which you already support.  If a government’s assessment of the child’s best interests differs from that of the parents, the government gets to make the decision, not the parents. 
 ►Article 24 specifically tasks states with the responsibility to make sure that disabled children are educated in environments “which maximize academic and social development.”  This, along with Article 7, Section 2, means that nothing could prevent government officials from overriding parental wishes to homeschool their disabled child.
 ►Government-funded abortion:  Article 23 of the treaty states, “The right of all persons with disabilities … to have access to…reproductive and family planning education are recognized, and the means necessary to enable them to exercise these rights are provided.”  (Emphasis added.)
 ►Article 46 states “Reservations incompatible with the object and purpose of the present Convention shall not be permitted.”  So this treaty is all or none.  Any Reservations, Understandings, or Declarations (RUDs) attempting to declare that this treaty does not change U.S. Law are simply unenforceable.

To read Michael Farris's comments in their entirety, please visit

HSLD Response to Senator Rockefeller.pdf

Some additional points about US Ratification of this Convention that you should know.

  • Under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, the CRPD will become the “supreme law of the land,” overriding anything to the contrary in local, state, or federal law.
  • The Reservations, Understandings, and Declarations (RUDs) adopted by the Senate are poorly worded and do not have the legal effect proponents claim they will. The so-called “private action” understanding, for instance, does not uphold “current” U.S. law. Omission of the word “current” means the U.S. will be obligated to make changes in our law in order to fulfill our commitment under the treaty.
  • Ratifying the CRPD would be the first time we have obligated our nation to recognize social, economic, and cultural entitlements and privileges as “rights” under domestic law.

Immediate calls are needed to Senator Roy Blunt opposing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

Senator Roy Blunt
Washington, DC Office—(202) 224-5721
Kansas City, MO Office--(816) 471-7141
Springfield, MO Office--(417) 877-7814
St. Louis/Clayton, MO Office--(314) 725-4484
Jefferson City, MO Office--(573) 634-2488
Columbia, MO Office--(573) 442-8151

Read more here.

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