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Sunday, September 9, 2012

You Can Read a Common Core Standard Lesson and Take a Quiz Every School Day!

Is this the type of literature used in CCSS?  You can find out for yourself1

Forget about the wisdom imparted in the "page of the day" on desk calendars.  You can now read a Common Core lesson every day in the Learning Network Blog in the New York Times and see what your children are learning in public school!  You can decide for yourself if these unproven and untested standards will indeed propel our children into the stratosphere of test results and enable them to become globally competitive.

Thanks to Susan Ohanian for her comments on these standards and publishing this information in her blog.  From susanohanian.org:


12 Ways to Use The Learning Network Blog This School Year
Ohanian Comment: I clicked on English language arts questions and admit I was stunned by what appeared. Well, it emulates what we see on standardized tests.

I don't think the
Critical Thinking question is any better.

By Katherine Schulten

. . .1. Find a fresh Common Core-aligned lesson plan every weekday.

Our lessons resume on Monday, Sept. 10, and this year each lesson will be aligned to the Common Core Anchor Standards.

You can receive all five lessons plans each week via our new Thursday e-mail; we’ll post details when the sign-up page goes live.

Here is our schedule (though please note that we occasionally divert from it to respond to breaking news or other needs):

* Monday – Coming soon: a new visual literacy feature
* Tuesday – History and social studies
* Wednesday – Science and health
* Thursday – English language arts and fine arts
* Friday – Quick interdisciplinary tasks to help students practice Common Core skills

Note: Our definition of a “lesson” ranges from traditional lesson plans like this science post to quizzes, lists of ideas or collections of resources.

This year, we'll also publish a monthly collection of lesson ideas for teachers of English language learners — or for students who find The Times difficult for any reason.

We also occasionally feature ideas from our audience in our "lesson plan" slot, including guest posts, reader ideas announcements of student contests — and publication for the winners of those contests.
— Katherine Schulten
The Learning Network: Teaching and Learning with the NY Times
September 04, 2012


Here's the email address you can use to sign up for the NYT's CCSS question of the day.   We would love to hear your thoughts on what students are learning today in schools under CCSS standards and assessments.

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