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"There is a growing technology of testing that permits us now to do in nanoseconds things that we shouldn't be doing at all." - Dr. Gerald Bracey author of Rotten Apples in Education

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Packed Hearing for MO Senate Bill 210 (Anti-Common Core)

A packed room heard testimony from both sides on the Common Core issue in Jefferson City today.  One witness not heard from because of time restraint was James Shuls.  His written testimony may be found here, Missouri Should Avoid Implementation of the Common Core:

First, I will discuss the arguments that supposedly support adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and demonstrate why these arguments are vacuous. Moreover, I will demonstrate that if the real objective of CCSS is the centralized planning of education standards, then the CCSS do not go far enough. Next, I will offer what I suggest will be the real impact of implementing the CCSS.

Full Testimony (PDF)

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  1. Gretchen, do you know of a good one-page flyer on why CCSS is bad? Something geared towards parents and teachers?


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