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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video: Auditor Tom Schweich presents his audit of the Rockwood School District

Missouri's Auditor, Tom Schweich, reviewed the Rockwood R-VI School District and issued a report grading the district as "Fair" (on a scale of: Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor). The district will have 90 days to implement changes to address Schweich's findings. The complete findings can be found in the auditor's report. A two page summary of the findings appears on pages 2-3 of that report and includes this finding:
The district has used the same program management company since the late 1990s. Although proposals are solicited for these services, the district said bidder qualifications and experience are the deciding factors and fees are not negotiated until after the vendor is selected. It appears the district overpaid this program management company by paying a percentage fee of estimated costs rather than actual costs and by paying $1,203,178 in additional fees for change orders for work not contemplated in the original contract. The district often used change orders for substantial project changes or for new projects without soliciting bids and without documenting the reasons for using change orders rather than bidding. While still employed by the program management company, a School Board member voted in favor of projects which increased the fees paid to the program management company. Such conflicts of interest violate district policy and state law. In addition, the district does not retain all bid proposals and related documents as required.
Schweich offered a summary of those findings and took questions at Lafayette High School Wednesday evening. Questions begin around the 27:45 mark in the video above.

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  1. How do i audit a policy document? What areas should I look at and how should it be written? Thanks dsm.


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