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Monday, April 25, 2011

New Course Offering from University of Missouri: Industrial Sabotage 101

Missouri college students and/or union workers may very well be learning violence is acceptable and encouraged behavior in labor disputes.

Your tax dollars are paying for this call for violence and industrial sabotage. Contact the University of Missouri system at this email address to demand the firing of the professor and this content be pulled immediately from labor studies coursework:

To: web_office@umsl.edu

Here is some of the latest information from the Columbia Tribune:

Videos showing two University of Missouri instructors advocating for union violence are making the rounds online.

The videos — first posted on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website — capture Judy Ancel, director of UM-Kansas City’s Institute for Labor Studies, telling a class “violence is a tactic, and it’s to be used when it’s the appropriate tactic.” She goes on to tell a story of a friend who worked for a utility company in Peru, where it’s illegal to strike.

“They couldn’t get access to” strike, “but they had a lot of cats and they succeeded in putting cats in powerhouses,” she said. “And the cats — now, don’t think about the cats, OK? The cats would run around inside and short out the system and cause power blackouts. And that created enough chaos in the system” to get to “a negotiating position.”

Plus, she joked, they “got rid of a lot of feral cats.”

The course, Labor in Society & Politics, is offered as part of the labor studies certificate. It’s team-taught by Don Giljum of Operating Engineers 148, and Dave Robertson, a UM-St. Louis instructor. It’s unclear whether those in the class are adult workers or college students. The UM System declined to comment, and Ancel was not available Monday afternoon.

In the videos, Giljum advises students to get creative with union strategies. Giljum, who represents Ameren workers, explains how workers at one company printed articles off the Internet about sabotaging equipment and spread them throughout the plant. Additionally, workers would “end up at the same shopping center or church” as the CEO of the company — so much so that he became paranoid and began wearing protective jackets and helmets inside the plant “because he was afraid of being shot,” Giljum said. “There are all kinds of things you can do to be creative.”

Finally, the FBI was called in and the plant became a potential crime scene, giving workers paid time off. In another instance, he said he was charged with instigating riots that “destroyed several police cars.”

Violence is not only a part of union history, he said, violence and sabotage has its place.

The video also shows a student asking when terrorism becomes a revolution, to which Ancel responds that it’s “terrorism until it’s successful. Then it’s a revolution.”

Reach Janese Silvey at 573-815-1705 or e-mail jsilvey@columbiatribune.com.


  1. I had been told that you were an informed writer. Then the first article I see cites *Andrew Breitbart* as a source? Same guy who has made his name by carefully editing videotape in order to deliberately misinform the US public, destroy worthy careers and organizations, and make a fool out of everyone who gives him the slightest nod of credibility?

    Bleh. Moving on.

  2. Sorry, John Henry.

    I guess you don't take the videos as viable sources? I don't think they were reading from a Breitbart script.

    If you read this blog, we source from many organizations, both left and right. I am sorry you see this as a partisan issue. I see it as professors teaching violence and sabotage. That is not a partisan issue to me. That is indoctrination of students and the taxpayers are footing the bill.

  3. Here is an updated report from the Columbia Tribune with reader comments:


  4. john henry, I defy you to suggest the sensible context within which those comments, and the manner with which they are made, are somehow put into a legitimate light.

    But forget about the videos, they aren't necessary, they simply demonstrate the obvious. At least what should be obvious. What is indisputable is that we have, funded by Missouri taxpayers, a college class that is being 'team-taught' by an avowed communist, Don Giljum of Operating Engineers 148. Nothing else which is going to be heard on these tapes, and there are more coming, should be in any way surprising - at least not if you are at all familiar with the aims and practices of Communists.

    If you don't see a problem there, then there is very little which you might see, that is likely to be worth looking at.

    Move along.

  5. John Henry, I agree with Van. You miss the bigger point. Breitbart has no control of the content of the video. The professors are instructing college kids in "thuggery". That's the point. It is clear in the video. If the same video were published on CNN would you believe it then? College professors, paid with public money, are preaching violence. Take the red herrings out of your discussion and look at the facts. This video is all over the place. Just because Breitbart picked it up doesn't negate the legitimacy of the content.

    And why are you not outraged at the hate speech from the professors? It outrages me, along with the fact that these two have not yet been fired.

  6. John Henry, there are all kinds of complete idiots in this country and you definitely fit into that category. It's because of people like you that America is broke and a laughing stock of the world. You should really move to China, you'd be more comfortable there! I hope to God you don't have any children to pass your stupidity on to. Andrew Breitbart is trying to save this country unlike you that couldn't save a country if it hit you in the head. People like you are the reason why Hitler was able to get away with what he did get with for so long. Sometimes I wonder why God makes people like you but, I also wonder why he has made roaches. He has his reasons!

  7. John Henry (although you've probably moved along with your rose colored glasses on): So you support the kind of violence these scum are supporting? They receive a decent wage (or more if they are union) and still they intimidate the CEO and commit sabotage? To what end? All this shows is that union "leadership" is increasingly desperate and willing to do anything. What they are doing is making 80% of Americans angry and unsupportive of their legitimate goals.

  8. The fact that the administration so quickly force Sherrod to resign (they asked her to pull over from driving and do it immediately) shows there was more hidden in that story than even Breitbart got to. He did not call for her firing so it's hard to see where he posts video with an agenda. He simply turns over some rocks and sees what cockroaches crawl out.

  9. The email address given (web_office@umsl.edu) is intended for technical issues regarding the functioning of the www.umsl.edu website. As such, your message would most likely be discarded by ITS staff.

    Also, UMSL faculty members are ultimately answerable only to their peers. So, it would probably be more useful to contact the Board of Curators, the Chancellor, your state legislators, and local media.

  10. Wow, again you bow to your Tea party overlords and reject intelligence. How bout you right a real story. The class was talking about a different time and place, when union's history was violent. way to take things out of context and follow complete fools.

  11. Anonymous at 1:40 AM:

    UMSL faculty members might be ultimately answerable only to their peers, but the funding comes from the Legislature. Taxpayers should know what their money is going toward in the universities.

    Faculty members can't do much without the money.

  12. More importantly this blog contains video obtained and used illegally under FERPA - Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. The Missouri state attorney general has been notified on behalf of some students about this violation and their invasion of privacy!

  13. aninnymouse said "How bout you right a real story."

    I must say, you’ve captured your soul beautifully there.

    As to the notion that their comments were somehow simply characterizing historical incidents, take another listen, they aren’t speaking of past events or in the past tense, they aren’t trying to figure out what people once believed and did, they are discussing what people should do, now, today, asking what their professor thinks that it will take in order to make violent actions respectable and for their perpetrators to be seen as revolutionaries, rather than as terrorists.

    Get that through your head, and perhaps, someday, when you write something, it might have a chance at being right.


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