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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

U of M Insitute for Labor Studies Teaches Violence and Communist Goals

The University of Missouri system is receiving more than its fair share of national attention this week. Calls for an end of the Institute for Labor Studies at the University of Missouri KC have come from many fronts recently as videos have emerged showing ILS professors advocating the occasional need for violence and industrial sabotage as acceptable methods for "corporate/union negotiations" as well as outlining specific tactics that can be used.

See more at http://biggovernment.com/publius/2011/04/25/union-official-professor-teach-college-course-in-violent-union-tactics/and

This is not the first time the UM ILS has been poised under the chopping block. In 2007, in an interview with KC online, then Chancellor Bailey said elimination of the Institute for Labor Studies was being considered "in an effort to comply with a mandate from the University of Missouri Board of Curators that each of the four campuses — Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis and Rolla — cut spending by 1 percent each year for the next three years to help fund salary increases for faculty." Then state Sens. Victor Callahan and Chris Koster were part of a meeting with UM staff to talk about possible restructuring of the Institute to save it. UofM staff salaries have been frozen since 2009, but clever "structuring" of the pay scale has meant that salary increases have continued, only in the form of promotions that come with automatic pay increases. The Institute survives today, but it seems a shift in message is called for more than a restructuring.

Professor Ancel has had a long consistent history of supporting the unions and a view of the future with unions running the show. Her communist support is apparent. She wrote in a 2009 article for LaborNotes.org "When unions side with nationalism they confuse workers about who our allies are, who our enemies are, and what will advance our own interests. Without alternative strategies economic nationalism seems logical, but our history suggests it will take us onto the rocks...This is the wrong debate, where the alternatives are either corporate-led globalization, with multinationals roaming the world for cheap labor, or protectionist nationalism, with these same multinationals distracting us with a phony show of patriotism to divide us from other workers....Unions gained leverage in the U.S. when we could take wages out of competition by organizing entire industries. In today’s global labor market wages are again in competition, and it’s still our job to equalize wages so that corporations can’t whipsaw us."

She still sees the world as an Us vs Them scenario, where there are allies and enemies. Yet she paints the future of the worker as one where we're all in this together. We'll all receive the same pay, no matter where we go or, by the way, how good we are or how hard we work. In this world one must have an enemy. And, since it is human nature to rationalize doing anything to an enemy, violence against the enemy du jour is totally acceptable. And in her world, that enemy will always be whoever disagrees with the union.

The video shows how far this line of reasoning can go. When asked when something stops being a terrorist action and starts being a revolution, Ancel casually laughs, "When it succeeds, it's a revolution." This is the Saul Alinksy doctrine of the ends justifying the means and results in the escalation of violence until they are successful. And if you really want to be scared, her co-teacher on this online course, Don Giljum, who says industrial espionage has its place, is the Business Manager for the Union that represents workers at the Callaway nuclear plant and all of Ameren UE in Missouri.

Bill Hennessy of Hennesseysview.com and the St. Louis Tea Party, has written to Governor Nixon demanding:
  1. Shut down Labor Studies until the department’s been purged of anti-American radicals
  2. Fire Missouri state employees who invited Don Giljum and that communist [Tony Pecinovsky] into classroom
  3. Apologize to Missouri taxpayers who pay $400 million a year for that university system
  4. Apologize to the students and their parents who sat through that filth
Is Ancel's and Giljum's message one you want delivered in your tax payer funded university system? If not, contact the interim President, Steve Owens, and ask that the ILS be investigated and defunded until its violent anti-American curriculum is removed. Steve Owens, Interim President 321 University Hall Columbia, MO 65211 (573) 882-2011. Or, in case you're having trouble reaching him, try your senator or representative and ask that they investigate how your tax money is being used at the ILS.


  1. Just letting you know that this was taken illegally and is in violation of the federal law FERPA. Since you are rebroadcasting this, you could be targeted for violating that law. I would have assumed you should know this, but obviously not. Hope to see you shut down in court. Cheers!

  2. I don't think whomever authors this blog is that smart. The faculty and students have right under FERPA to sue big time, just like in HIPA cases. Breitbart is the one that is going to be in real trouble, and I heard that the person who illegal obtained the video is paid by some right wing group and has done this before, like he is getting paid to go around to college campuses and do this kinda stuff.

  3. The real story. The guy behind the blog video enrolled just in this one class trying to accomplish two things, take down long-time St. Louis Labor Figure Don Gjilum and get SB1 ("right to work") back on the floor for a vote. The man that enrolled in the class is a paid worker for a right wing organization and has infiltrated and stole proprietary information from other universities posing as a student. He violates the FERPA student and faculty privacy act and is paid to do so! Everything was completely taken out of context and this is nothing less than a deceptive assault on freedom.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. The comments above are more evidence of intimidation tactics used to silence opposition. Keep exposing the subversives. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


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