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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

University of Missouri Student Lecture: "Capitalism is the Systemic Problem in America" from Communist Party Representative

The Washington Post reports more labor-friendly lectures at a University of Missouri campus. This time it was not a professor:

Tony Pecinovsky, a Communist Party USA representative who is serving as the Communications Workers of America Secretary and Treasurer in St. Louis, spoke to students at the University of Missouri in St. Louis.

Pecinovsky (left) spoke about how important it is support candidates that share the same values as the Communist party. Who has he supported in the past in Missouri elections? Congressman Russ Carnahan and Senator Claire McCaskill.

This is not the first time CPUSA has addressed the University of Missouri. In 2008, CPUSA's Vice Chairman spoke to students about the election of Barack Obama:

"He's only the beginning," Tyner said. "I think he's a transitional president. I think somebody else is going to come in and take it even further."

Pecinovsky was explicit discussing the tenents of the party's beliefs in the St Louis area campus:

  • The idea of the American flag is racist
  • America is the "belly of the beast"
  • Internationalism is defined how the party can effectively isolate and defeat the ultra-right...comrades in other countries want to defeat the ultra-right"
  • The progressive wing is uniting to defeat America at home and abroad
  • The progressive movement is part of a “larger movement." (He states): “Almost every member of our (communist) organization is a member of a union, is a member of a coalition, is a member of neighborhood association. Is a member of a peace organization.”
  • It is important to infiltrate groups already in existence; in fact, the party believes it is necessary to work even in "conservative and reactionary" trade unions
  • The systemic problem in America is capitalism. Capitalism is the ultimate enemy
  • The main focus of the CPUSA is to build coalitions with organizations that have broad bases and memberships and money such as "Jobs with Justice" and the unions
An important distinction Pecinovsky makes between CPUSA and other Marxist organizations is this: CPUSA does not have the same nuanced view of politics that the other organizations have; CPUSA understands the necessity of not just working against the state but working within the state.

Is that called "gaming the system"? Are politicians such as Carnahan and McCaskill pawns to an end? It might be a good idea to call their offices to determine how connected they are with the Communist Party agenda. You also might ask them if they would make an official statement distancing themselves from this rhetoric.

While you are calling Carnahan and McCaskill, you also might want to call the office of Representative Clem Smith (pictured above on the right). CPUSA certainly has accomplished its goal of electing officials with union ties...who have connections to the Communist Party. Does Representative Smith believe that capitalism is the ultimate enemy? I wonder what the business owners in his district (as well as Carnahan's district) think about this CPUSA belief? Here is a brief description of the party Smith and (now) retired State Representative Rita Heard Day attended last year sponsored by the Missouri Communist Party:

The Missouri Communist Party’s Friends of the People’s World hosted their 18th annual ‘Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards Breakfast’ Saturday, May 8, 2010, at the CWA Local 6300 Union Hall, 2258 Grissom Drive , St. Louis.

Newspaper Guild International President Bernie Lunzer was the main speaker for the event.

The honorees were:

Missouri Communist Party leader Tony Pecinovsky worked on Clem Smith’s successful 2010 campaign – a service he has personally performed for several other Missouri elected officials.

You can call Pecinovsky yourself if you have any questions about his goals for the party and his vision for America. Check out the 6:42 mark on video 6. He gives his phone number and email address.

This administration insists we have education that will make us "globally competitive". Will speakers from the Communist Party that call for the destruction of capitalism accomplish that goal?

Do we have any politicians in Jefferson City that will start an investigation on why a Communist party official is speaking in a public university lecture class for the purpose of destroying our capitalistic system? Why are taxpayers paying for this indoctrination that furthers a political agenda?


  1. All other parties are speaking, isn't this supposed to be a free country? I guess you just want freedom for yourself and people that think like you, slavery for the rest. Russians, lost, cold war is over!

  2. Hey Anonymous.. This isn't about Russia or the cold war, it's about the indoctrination of students to a horrible failed system of government. One that has NO freedoms.. get it!


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