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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is Communist Theory and Should Your Tax Dollars Support Communist Speakers in the Missouri University System?

Libero Della Piana, Director of Communication for the National Communist Party spoke to Mizzou students on April 27. If you read the links from the previous post, Della Piana believes in the defeat of the ultra-right and the transformation of America from a capitalistic system to a communist system.

Do college students today understand the tenets of Communism? Della Piana has stated:

We are not a large party anymore, but we have influence in certain segments of the labor movement and the peace movement and remain one of the most important groups on the Left. And we have new appeal among young people who don't even remember the Soviet Union. No other progressive organization, I think, left a greater mark on the country (from culture, literature, film, politics, race relations, etc.) than the CPUSA.

There is not a more appropriate place for Communist leaders and lecturers to deliver their message...college audiences that don't remember the massacres of Mao, Stalin and Che Guevera.

Let's examine the definitions and examples of communism:

Here is one fairly straightforward explanation:

Modern day Communism is based on the writings of two German economists, Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, who answered the question “What is Communism?” in their collaboration, “The Communist Manifesto” published in 1848. In it they declare that many problems in society are due to the unequal distribution of wealth. To bring about happiness and prosperity for all, the distinctions between the rich and poor of society must be eliminated. And since the rich will never give up their goods or status voluntarily, a rebellion of the poor -- the working class -- is necessary.

Thus, Communism is a
distinct socio-political philosophy that is willing to use violent means to attain its goal of a classless society. If capitalism is defined as a social system based on individual rights (and individual wealth), then communism is its direct opposite. Communism believes in equality through force. In its system, individual rights are ground to powder and used to build its idol of absolute government control. It is indeed like the tusk of the elephant. It is sharp. It is dangerous. And it has gored millions of men in its rage through history.

Here's a site that is pro-Communism and answers questions about Communism and Socialism. Here are some excerpts on the goals and ambitions of these political theories:

Will there be democracy and elections under socialism, and will dissent be allowed?

Communist leadership will unleash diverse thinking and action from the bottom up and everywhere else. It will foster dissent, including opposition to the government itself, and provide
the means for such viewpoints to be heard. Elections will have a role as one way of selecting and developing leadership, and keeping it accountable to the masses.But one thing that will not be up for vote is whether society should go back to capitalism. A revolution to completely change society requires firm and visionary leadership to enable the masses to hold on to power and to guide the challenging and liberating struggle to get to a communist world:where the division of people into ruler and ruled, and between leaders and led, is finally overcome.

Will people be able to practice religion under socialism?

Yes. People will have the right to worship and hold religious services (and the right not to believe in god). But the schools, and the government generally, will promote a scientific materialist
understanding of the natural world and of human society. People will not be forced to give up religion, but there will be society-wide ideological struggle to help people voluntarily cast off enslaving religious belief.

Just from these three excerpts, it is evident when and if the revolution is successful, America will be able to have elections for leadership but not for the style of government. Once this is instituted, we will be ruled by leaders hand picked by the party system (not the people) and we will be perpetually in a system of a communist world. We will be able to have our religion, but we will soon be indoctrinated to understand our religion only enslaves us; it is the government that truly frees us.

And say good bye to the concept of American exceptionalism and individual destiny:

Won’t socialism or communism come up against the realities of human nature and selfishness?

There is no innate or unchanging “human nature.” People’s thinking, behavior, and values are shaped by the economic structure and corresponding institutions and culture of a given society. Ancient Greek society and America’s “founding fathers” regarded slavery as perfectly “normal.” Capitalism is organized around the private accumulation of profit and economic competition. Selfishness, greed, and individualism are rewarded by the workings of capitalism and promoted by the institutions of capitalist society. They are not “hard-wired” into our genes, and neither is racism or male supremacy.

Taxpayers of Missouri, you need to know what your tax dollars are promoting.
If you don't like Communist party members and leaders lecturing students urging the overthrow of America and a call to violence as a viable tactic, call the chancellors and the governor's office and voice your displeasure on the use of tax funding for this rhetoric.


  1. Get the crap put of our schools, keep america free. If other people want to be communist, i suggest moving to a country that is. Stop trying to change our free country. There's plenty of counties to choose from, Just go away!!!

  2. Isn't this the basis of the IB agenda? Redistribution of wealth, the UN's human rights doctrine, and radical environmentalism that kills capitalism? It isn't just being paid for on the public college level, taxpayers are footing the bill in public schools as well.

  3. @Bungalow Bill:

    Good points. Would love for someone who has researched IB to write an introductory piece to publish here about IB's goals and how they correlate with communistic goals...and to tell people how many IB programs are here in Missouri.

  4. The intellectual disconnect on this site is absolutely mind blowing. I don't know if it's funny, sad or frightening - but I'm inclined to think it's all three.

    I'm not even going to bother explaining why this article and it's accompanying comments are ridiculous, because I've discovered through experience that when it comes to the AFF and it's supporters, rationality and facts are refused a seat at the table.

    I don't want to live in a communist state, but frankly I'm not sure if it would be any worse than what this country will become if you people were to get your way.

  5. Anonymous.

    I love your type of argument. You throw out why the article and accompanying comments are ridiculous and then won't explain why. Reading the article, the statements came directly from the speaker and a communist site.

    The truth hurts when it comes from the mouth of communists and you understand what they want.

    Explain why this article is ridiculous and what is AFF? Was that even mentioned in this article?

  6. Great Article Gretchen! Funny how the Progressives tend to agree more with Communist principles instead of the principles of Freedom and Liberty.

    Anyone who thinks that a Communist State wouldn't be any worse than if "you People?" get their way not only suffers from an intellectual disconnect but a disconnect from reality as well.

    Communism belongs on the trash pile of history, right along with things like Hitler, Stalin and fondue.

  7. @Patch.

    I agree I have no use for Hitler and Stalin. However, I will take issue to the fondue reference! An electric fondue makes all the difference in the world. Shrimp tempura is pretty darn good cooked in the fondue!

    And thanks for pointing out the "you people" reference. Who are "you people"?

    Are "you people" the people concerned about furthering (as you said) the principles of Freedom of Liberty vs communism?


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